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When you need custom software written specifically for your unique environment, you need a company that builds really good software

That's us.  We're a group of experienced software engineers, testers, and project managers.  We've built hundreds of systems. 

Five Steps to Writing Good Software

We've found there are five key steps we have to follow. Really well. Fanatically, even. We follow those steps, and we end up writing some really good software.

  1. Understand your business requirements.
  2. Design the software.
  3. Program the software.
  4. Test the software.
  5. Install and support the software.

(Oh yeah - we also have to do a great job managing the software project.)

Most non-programmers think that programmers only do step three – program the software. (A few programmers think this too.) Good programmers learn that understanding, designing, and testing are as important as coding.

We only spend about 40% of our time writing actual code. The rest is spent working on tasks that ensure high quality and on-time, on-budget projects - which we've been delivering since 1997.

Following these steps has a lot to do with our long history of successful software development projects and happy clients. Of course, part of our success also has to do with the smart people we hire and how we treat them. (Here's more on our culture.)

We could talk at length about how important these steps are.  And we have!  Here's more detailed info on these steps and how we write good software.

Type of Software Work We Do

The software we write takes many forms:

  • Web-based and Client/Server Solutions
  • Systems Analysis and design
  • Database Solutions
  • Quick Applications
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Mobile Applications

We Can Build Anything

We continue to be the software developer of choice for many of Southeast Wisconsin's top financial, manufacturing, non-profit and government entities.

Below are examples from the hundreds of programming projects we’ve completed.


Application Client What It Does
Warranty Claims System Manufacturer Accepts and submits validated data to SAP
"Find a Doctor" Several hospitals Matches doctors to needs of web visitors
Portal Law office Document collaboration with clients on iManage
Dashboard Fortune 500 Corporation Business Intelligence charts and graphs
Bakery Management National bakery chain Inventory, ordering, sales - all operation info
Stock Market Tracking National investment group Financial reporting, funds comparisons
Order Status Manufacturer Queries ERP System
Secure Messaging System National insurance company Tracks applications for over 3,000 brokers
Dealer Locator Numerous manufacturers & resellers Helps web visitors find closest dealers
eCommerce Multiple Catalogs and carts tied to back-end systems
Child Safety Assessment State Agency Hand-held, in-the-field data collection


Some of our applications plug into Titan CMS, our robust Content Management System. Some run stand-alone. A few are orphans we adopted. Two are packages sold nationally.



Whatever your needs, budget or time frame, chances are we’ve already done something like it. To find out more, contact us or call Rick Fessenbecker directly at 414-914-9102.


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